My name is Danielle. My mother is an artist and my father is a contractor so you could say that I’m a product of art and craft. Born in the internet age, I dove into the web like a fish to water and developed digital art alongside technical publishing. I started Freezinghot Designs where I develop magazine ads, logos, websites, catalogs, menus, and the sort but I never stopped doing art. It is my personal joy to bring together my various works to this one place. I hope to develop in art by giving it more of my time.

Where did you get the name Freezinghot and how long have you been using it?
I first thought of the name in middle school for a show horse that was about to be born. In 2008, I adapted the name to represent my business. I don’t think the name was ever used for the horse…

How long have you been making art?
My whole life. My mother is an artist. I’ve been a professional artist for ten years now but it’s now mostly focused on graphic design.

What materials do you use and what’s your favorite?
I mostly use a digital drawing tablet because I feel like it can’t be ruined by a mistake like traditional art. For traditional, I will use ink pens, gray copic markers, and watercolors. I also dabble in oil pastel and colored pencil.

Are you self taught?
I am mostly self taught but experience has a big role in art. I have sought professional knowledge in college and was also raised by an artist.

Do you teach art?
I am planning tutorials to help others develop art styles of their own.

What is Shell Samba?
It’s a comic book series that I’m working on.

Can I contact you?